One time premium payable at closing

One time premium payable at closing

Title insurance policies are purchased for a one-time premium at closing.  Title insurance rates are set by Department of Insurance, Rating Bureau. Your rate is based on the sales price and/or amount of your mortgage. This insurance protection will last for as long as you or your heirs have an interest in this property. Policies protect owners against possible hidden title problems that can include errors or omissions in a deed, mistakes in the title search, missing heirs and forgery, lien holder not served in a mortgage foreclosure, inheritance tax or estate matters of prior owners, misfiling or improper indexing of recorded documents, sometimes there are even missing deeds not recorded.

Believe me this stuff happens in our world!

An owner’s title insurance policy provides protection that your title insurance company will stand behind you, monetarily and with legal defense when needed, if a covered title problem arises. We highly recommend purchasing title insurance to protect your financial investment.

Ask us about our enhance title coverage too.

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