Property transfers or Refinancing

Property transfers or Refinancing

Property Transfers

Property Transfers require a deed, which is a legal document used to assign or transfer ownership of real estate.  This deed transfers title to the land and any improvements such as a house or building.  Typical language used to convey property may be grant, assign, convey or warrant. To be effective a deed must be delivered to buyer.  A deed should be recorded in County courthouse where property documents are recorded. You can go to the County courthouse to look up history of property.  Today transfers are recorded electronically and deeds are scanned into software available online.


Refinances require many of the same steps in a typical real estate closing. However, no need for a new deed unless lender requires one. This is going to involve obtaining a new mortgage and note on real estate. A settlement company is required to close a refinance transaction. Lender’s are going to protect their interest in real estate by requiring a Lender’s title insurance policy on this refinance. An owner’s title insurance policy is not issued upon refinance.

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